There are several paths to get to the blog setup.

  1. When you first start OpenLiveWriter, you are prompted to add an account:
  2. Click File - Options - Accounts:
  3. Click Home - Account List - Add blog account

First choose the blog type:

In this case WordPress

Click Next

Fill out the below box:

Web address is the webaddress of your blog. You can find that by going to your wordpress blog and get your site address. Mine is: It is usually the address of your blog's first page.

The userid is your login id for wordpress

The password is your password

If you check the remember your password checkbox, you will not have to enter your password again. Not a good idea on a shared computer.

Click next, and if you have entered in all the above correctly, Open Live Writer will set up your blog. If you have multiple blogs under the same username, you will get to pick which blog to set up.

You will be asked if you want to download your theme, I suggest that you do

You will also be asked for a blog nickname, with a suggestion, before finishing

Click Finish and you are done.