There several command line options available for Open Live Writer. To invoke them, either run Open Live Writer from the command line:

OpenLiveWriter.exe options

Or you can edit your shortcut properties

In fact, if you look at the default shortcut properties, some tweaking has already been done. You'll see that an update check is done before OpenLiveWriter is started:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\OpenLiveWriter\Update.exe --processStart OpenLiveWriter.exe

Just add your command line options at the end.

Note: Not all of the command line options may be available now, but they should be soon.

Command line options

  • CULTURE argument - example en-us
  • OPTIONS - show options
  • OPENPOST - will open a post
  • VERBOSELOGGING - will create a more verbose log
  • ALLOWUNSAFECERTIFICATES - will allow unsafe certificates
  • PREFERATOM - prefer ATOM to RSD during automatic configuration
  • SUPPRESSBACKGROUNDREQUESTS - suppress for testing
  • PROXY - override proxy settings
  • PERFLOG - File path where logging should occur
  • AUTOMATION MODE - Turn on automation mode
  • ATTACHDEBUGGER - for testing purposes
  • FIRSTRUN - show first run wizard
  • INTAPIHOST - use the specified API host for testing
  • LOCSPY - show localization names rather than values
  • NOPLUGS - Prevents plugins from loading
  • ADDBLOG - Adds a blog